PF 20 Bikini

Body : Strong and Stur dy Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Pump Power : 0.75 HP ( Speck pumps- Germany)
Flow Rate : 16 M³/hr
Features : LED Lights, Two Way Nozzles.

PF 20 BIKINI is the entry level integrated filter based on the modern active membrane filter technology. This wall mounting unit’s front portion acts as the skimmer. The back portion on the deck acts as the machenical box there by eliminating the messy plant/pump room and balancing tank as well as complicated plumbing works. This all in one unit fitted with built in LED light is perfectly suited for medium and small pools.



Technical data -flow rate Q-22 m³/h

Total Head H-9 m

Pool size 70 - 90 m³

Motor performance-0.75 hp to 1.0 hp

For more than 30 years around the world compact filters have been used and proved great success thanks to their efficiency, reliability, and simplicity they are more and more replacing the traditional sand filters that require underground buried pipe network and mechanical rooms that take spaces and need specialists to maintain the pools specially the public ones.
Compact units are skimmer filtration type and mainly available in two versions

Integrated Filter unit.

  • Robust Reinforced Fiber Glass Body.
  • Filter is equipped with one /two filter Chambers (TE 20/25).
  • Filter is equipped with one underwater Led Light.
  • Filter is equipped with Speck Pumps 22m3/h - BADU 47/22.
  • All valves in the filter are Pentair –USA Valves.
  • Filter Bags are in 5 and 15 microns.
  • Electric Control Panel is IP 54 with timer.
  • Two inlet nozzles one at water level, second at - 1.00 meter below the water level.
  • Isolated Cover for the mechanical compartment
  • By Pass option
  • Advantages:

  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Fine quality filtration up to 5 microns.
  • Effective circulation thanks to the top and bottom water nozzles.
  • Economical filtration running cost; No periodical back wash operation needed.
  • Economical electric consumption; due to the reduced pressure head losses.
  • Chemicals and disinfecting products may be easily added.
  • Simple Maintenance.
  • Designed to avoid stagnant water around the cylinders.
  • FILTER SF 20/30

    SF 20/30 is the most versatile of the modern filters as it is compatible with normal RCC structure. it is compatible with tile pools. The duel filter chamber and bypass option makes it the ideal choice for larger pools.
    Available in dual filter chamber (SF 30) for large pools and single filter chamber(SF 20)for small and medium pools.

    Body : Strong and fibre glass reinforced.
    Motor performance: 0.75 hp to 1.0 hp
    Flow rate : 16 to 22 m³/h
                                                                                                          Features : By pass option