Cross Current Swiming

Badu Swim Jet Standard

Hanging Type

(Made in Germany)

portable hangings swim jet, surface-mounted unit. Complete component with high water pressure, plus built in stainless rail, Fitted & Ready for all pools.

Badu Jet “Smart”

Wall Type

(Made in Germany)

Complete component with higher performance of 2 HP power pump. The finest option for all pools.

Inteli Swim Jet

Wall Type

(Made in Germany)

Complete component with high performance of twisted swim stream. The great option for all pools.

Pool Pumps & Lights

BADU PUMP 47Inteli Swim Jet

The BADU 47 pumps are high efficiency circulation pumps. Flow rate is from 10 to 25m3/h at 6 m head the ideal jet pump for swimming pool, bath tubs and spas.

DESGIN : Monoblock-type pump. The bellows-type mechanical seal is mounted on a plastic shaft protector sleeve. Motor/ pump shaft has no contact with the pool water. Total elecrical separation

BADU 21-50/43 VSE (2 Speed) Pump

Large Pump for swimming pool filtration system and large whirl pools. Designed for counter swim units, massage stations with a flow rate up to 46 m3/h.

DESGIN : Monoblock-type pump. The bellows-type mechanical seal is mounted on a plastic shaft protector sleeve. Discharge outlet swivels progressively. Total elecrical separation.

180 White LED Panel Slim Lights

Quick and easy installation. Ideal for all types of pools. 180 individual White LED dome. Low power consumption. Advanced safety features to meet Australian standards. Mounting kits to suit concrete pool.

Chemical Treatment For Pools

J.D.Pools Cleaner

J.D. Cleaner is used to remove the build up of oils and scale from pool walls

Mix 1 capful of J.D.Cleaner to 1/4 litre of water and apply with sponge or cloth and rub the scum line of the pool. Rinse the area with water.

Professional Pool Liner 1.5mm

Pool Liner 1.5mm

The invention of the PVC liner has been the most significant thing that has ever happened in the global swimming pool industry. Because the material remains flexible to absorb any slight movement of the pool shell and existing cracks for new or renovated swimming pools.

The 1.5mm PVC liners are suitable for every type of pool starting with private schools for fun and relaxation to Olympic pools for serious competition up to the heaviest used commercial pools and he pools with the highest environmental loading from sun and high temperature fluctuations to ice and snow.

Reinforced PVC membrane system consists of two layers of flexible PVC totally encapsulating a polyester inner reinforcement mesh. UV stabilized and coated with a plasticizer, the waterproof PVC membrane can withstand more than 10 years of service life if correctly maintained. And they are available in solid and beautifully printed color designs.

PVC liner is perfect for renovated pools because the membrane system is completely suspended inside the old shell and does not depend on a bond with the old pool, PVC is unaffected by expansion/contraction and freeze problems like conventional renovation options.